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Event 1: Geologists who sign off on resource / reserve statements + those involved in the Codes.

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Is it possible to update the definition of an Ore Reserve? ANSWER: "yes"

Nine of some of the most experienced economic geologists gathered on the 9th January in The Natural History Museum (London) to discuss:

1) Do we think that changing the definition of a reserve to more formally include aspects of responsibility / ESG / sustainability / CSR within it will enable mining to become more responsible?

2) Is it possible to update a Code for resources / reserves?

3) Should we do it?

A more detailed write up will follow, however in short - the answer was "yes - this would be a good mechanism to more formally include "responsibility" within asset valuations"

Contact if you are interested in joining us. Please note that this roundtable is for geos only.

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